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Test Pac for Tension and Torque


Flutrol has developed a Hydraulic Unit for applications with Tensioning, Torque, Wheelset puller, etc., for industries that use assembly and disassembly with interference, i.e., Metal works, Railroad Transport, Geared Motors, Boilers, PCHs, service providers, etc. The system is basically composed of a Haskel hydropneumatic pump, oil tank, control instrumentation and pressure relief.

Activated by compressed air or nitrogen, allows work in classified areas and can generate adjustable high hydraulic pressures of up to 3,448 bar (50,000 psi).


Moved with compressed air, Nitrogen or manually;

Easy installation;

Maintains pressure without any power consumption;

Easy control of the pressure increase speed;

Pressure capacity of up to 50,000 psi (3,500 Kgf/cm²);

Other pump models for pressures up to 100,000 psi;

Easy application of automatic controls;

Reliable, easy to maintain, compact and robust;

Does not require continuous lubrication;

Does not pollute the environment with hydraulic vapors;

No limits for continuous applications;

Portable Settings.