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The Haskel IRCD is a revolutionary system for multi-point injection of chemical products into pipelines, circuits and oil and gas production wells.

Operating Principle

By using a special piloted-type regulator in order to maintain a constant differential pressure through the flow control valve, a constant flow is provided by the system, provided that the flow control valve (variable orifice) is not changed.


The IRCD can be supplied either in individual “drawer type” units or in panels configured to be installed near or far from the point of injection.

Low flow rates of 20 ml / hour

High flow rates up to 5,000 l / hour

Pressures of up to 15,000 psi

No moving parts

Significant cost reduction

Minimizes leakage problems

Requires only one feed line, reducing the number of pumps originally needed, regardless of the number of injection points

Lower number of pumps in use

With the IRCD, the savings and future repairs, as well as maintenance and weight are substantial in financial and practical terms;

In addition, they require only one line of fluid feed pressure, which can either be pumped via electric or pneumatic chemical injection pump, regardless of the number of points to be injected.