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Burst tester for Pet bottles - Burst Tester


Flutrol is a distributor of pneumatic and hydraulic industrial instrumentation products with special emphasis on its high pressure specialization. We have developed PET bottle burst testing equipment consisting primarily of Triplex Cat Pumps, gauging instruments, pressure gauge or electronic control digital indicator, and the burst cabinet. We also provide (optional) software for data acquisition.


PET bottle Burst Tester kits can perform tests with press ranges of 0 - 500 psi (0-34.5 bar), and volumetric capacity between 200ml and 3,000ml for water testing.


Manual adjustment of the burst speed regardless of the volume of the bottle being tested;

Performing water tests, simplifying the installation and providing greater operational safety;

Easy operation, dispensing specialized operators;

Fast filling system with water from the bottle being tested;

Adapter that simulates the bottle cap, allowing versatility, speed and easy handling;

Provides batch validation in production and product quality assurance before shipment to packaging, resulting in satisfaction of the entire customer chain;

It allows easy inclusion of new test parameters, very useful in the development of new products or manufacturing processes; Digital pressure indicator with alarm of the maximum pressure reached in bursting, providing easy reading;

Stainless steel cabinet, avoiding corrosion due to time and water used in the tests;

Low maintenance;

Low noise level, allowing its use in laboratories