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Automatic pressure system


The Flutrol Automatic Pressure Testing and Control System were developed to meet the demand for certification records and the monitoring of pressure tests.

It has an easy-to-use interface and can be applied to any test equipment that has data acquisition, allowing monitoring via cell phone.

Expertise in supervising the LabVIEW or Elipse platform.

Features and Advantages

• Customization of screens according to the applications and client needs (fields, parameters, charts, synoptic, controls, reports, company logo, etc.);

• Allows you to control the online test variables;

• Issuance of customized reports for printing or sending via email;

• Creation of users with access restrictions predefined by the administrator;

• Test information, saved in a database, (SQL, ACCESS, etc.) with the possibility of searching and reissuing by date;

• Operating safety, remote control of the test;

• Reliability of results, encrypted data.


Hydrostatic Tests and performance of the following:

• Tube tests

• Hose tests

• Cylinder tests

• Exchanger tests

• Valve tests

• Pressure vessel tests